5 Reasons to Buy a Ring Light Today!

5 Reasons to Buy a Ring Light Today!

If you hate the shadows and harsh lighting you get when shooting with your iPhone, you’re not alone! Most lighting isn’t suitable for creating quality videos and photos, and achieving that coveted soft glow can be an ongoing battle if you’re not armed with the right equipment.

Even amateurs can present themselves as professionals with one simple addition to their inventory; the ring light. Bringing salon-grade lighting to just about any scenario, there’s a reason people around the world are gushing about the benefits of ring lights.

  1. They create amazing lighting

Illuminate your subject (even if that’s yourself!) with soft, flat lights that provide a more even colour and clearer focus. Ring lights are praised for their ability to remove facial shadows, wrinkles and blemishes, so are a real confidence boost particularly for beauty bloggers or influencers. Even on days that are overcast or artificial lighting isn’t great, pull out the ring light for great results.

  1. They achieve professional results on a budget

Haven’t got the extensive budget that professional photographers and videographers do? There’s no need to compromise on the quality of content you’re able to produce, as an LED light tends to be more cost-effective than other options on the market. Simply set your ring light up on a stand and get creative with close-ups, macro shots and more. Ring lights are able to even out the lighting from all sides of your subject, and you don’t need to go on a photography course to use them - or need to splash all of your cash!

  1. They look stylish

Vamp up your vanity room or make your salon more appealing to clients. Ring lights look sleek, modern and they don’t take up much space. Able to blend beautifully with any decor, a ring light will look great whether your interior style screams Hollywood Glam or modern minimalist. Choose to mount your light on a stand or place it on your dressing table; it looks chic either way.

  1. They’re light and portable

Measuring in at around 18”, a ring light is compact enough to fit in your bag when you’re travelling or heading to a friends for pre-party makeovers. No installation is required; your ring light just needs to be plugged into a powerpoint and it’s ready to give you that glow. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up; anyone can add their smartphone or camera to the product and start shooting.

  1. They’re built to last

Etoile Collective ring lights come with a 12-month warranty, because we’re confident in the quality of our products. Get that unfaltering glow month after month while you continue to explore the creative possibilities that a ring light can achieve, without having to fork out for expensive repairs that come with most professional-grade equipment.

Try Etoile Collective’s ever-popular Illuminateme 18” Luxe LED Ring Light when you want professional results for all makeup applications and photography sessions.