Cloud Hangouts With: Elise Wilson

Cloud Hangouts With: Elise Wilson

{WHO} Elise Wilson

{WHAT} Beauty Editor for Woman's Day, OK! NW, Take 5 Australia and

{WHERE} @elisebeautyeditor


What are you currently listening to/ reading / watching?

At the moment I’m obsessing over folk music during the day! There’s something about the husky voices of Ray Lamontagne and The Teskey Brothers that sets the mood for the day and makes me so happy. I would love to say I’m reading lots in this time, but I’m just not, because I have no time (weirdly). But for Netflix, I’ve just finished Ozark season three and it was brilliant, now I’m on to Tiger King. I think I’m late to the party on that one, but I watch Netflix about one or two times a week for a very short time. I’m not a huge TV person.


What moment in your career are you most proud of?

I’d have to say it was the moment I scored the job as health and beauty editor for Woman’s Day Australia 2.5 years ago. It was the next big leap in my career and meant I had to move countries (from New Zealand) and embark on a whole new adventure for one of the biggest titles out there. After not even a year I was promoted to beauty editor for all four weekly titles at Bauer (OK! Woman’s Day, NW and Take 5), and that was pretty special.

In your opinion, what are the three products that everyone should own?

Oh that’s easy.

1.    A cream blush! I use mine every single day on my cheeks and lips and it’s just one products that makes you look alive and glowing. I barely use foundation so this buffs into my skin and I always get compliments. My fave is RMS beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Demure, but now I need to invest in ALL the colours!

2.    Hair Oil – I rotate about three at the moment, but once you find a hair oil that works for you, stick with it! One of my faces is from OGX and honestly costs $21 and lasts a life time. I have fine hair but find a light oil really hydrates and I can leave my hair to air dry or smooth with my dryer for a gloss, hydrated finish – without weighing it down.

3.    Moisturiser with SPF – Who has time (or the budget) for lots of extra skincare steps? I make sure my moisturiser contains a high SPF protection so I never forget. The one I’ve stuck with for years is Ultraceuticals Mattifying moisturiser, because I have combination skin.

What is your favourite way to stay active?

I’m addicted to spin, circuit and pilates classes, so I was gutted when my gym had to close recently. Now, while WFH, I’ve been doing some great little toning class on my BBFIT app (by Bailey Brown) and five days a week doing rounds of the HUGE stairs at the park near my house followed by arm and floor work – it’s a killer, but it’s doing the trick.

What does your skincare routine in isolation look like?

Well I’ve always had an extensive skincare and beauty routine (perks of the job), but I have most definitely jumped on the face mask bandwagon. I love multi-masking about two or three times a week depending on what my skin needs. But I’ve also been maintaining lots more hair masking and always do my Thursday fake tan ready for the weekend. My friends think I’m crazy but I don’t care. A tan makes me feel a million bucks and it’s part of my self-care routine, always.


If you weren’t a beauty editor, what would you be doing?

I have been a freelance hair & makeup artist since I was 19, so I would definitely have a business doing that solely. Now that treatments like lip and brow tattooing are huge, I’d would definitely train in that too – it’s so fascinating to me and the artistry behind it is such a skill.

If you could only purchase from one brand ever again, which would it be?

Oooh wow, that’s hard. I’d have to say Rimmel London! Honestly, they have the best makeup products ever and I always find myself circling back to them and recommending them to others. I should start getting commission!