Cloud Hangouts With: Mia Connor

Cloud Hangouts With: Mia Connor

{WHO} Mia Connor

{WHAT} Professional Makeup and Hair Stylist & Educator

{WHERE} @miaconnor@miaconnorcosmetics,


What are you currently listening to/ reading / watching?

I rarely even turn the TV on, but isolation made me do it!  I am watching Money Heist on Netflix right now.  Music, however is always on and I am loving Rhye & Tame Impala at the moment!

What client look do you love the most and least?

My most favourite look is clean, glowing skin paired with fluffy, natural brows and a strong eye. 

I don’t have any least favourite looks as I always do makeup that is on-brand to my aesthetic!

What’s a pet peeve of yours about clients?

Probably when they turn up to have their makeup done, wearing a full face of makeup as they didn’t want to leave the house without it! Sometimes it’s unavoidable if they have come straight from work etc. but other times I have had clients come in for a 6 am makeup appointment, wearing makeup! It just cuts into our makeup session time when I have to remove it.

Which is your favourite destination that your career in makeup has taken you?

Hmmm I have racked up a lot of flying miles over the last few years but in terms of favourite destinations, I would have to say New York. I did two trips to NYC last year, one for just three nights and back to Australia again for The Makeup Show NYC, the other for a Masterclass tour of my own where I was in the USA for a month, skipping our Aussie winter at the same time haha!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring three beauty products with you, what would they be?

ESMI Skin Minerals – Skin Shield, Natural Face Sunscreen

Lanolips 101 Ointment in Mint

Stila Huge Lash Mascara

What is your must-have skincare or beauty product of 2020?

During this isolation period I don’t think I have looked after my skin more in my life!  I have been doing many a Quarro-Facial using the ESMI Skin Minerals Booster Masks & other products in their range. 

Is there a moment in your career that you’re most proud of?

Most definitely when I was invited to Lithuania to present a masterclass to 1500 people. I was so nervous, but so proud that I got through it despite the nerves. 

Favourite makeup trend? 

Besides bushy brushed up brows it would have to be the cat eye liner – where the inner corner meets at a sharp V turning the eye into an extreme almond shape. 

What is your skincare routine consisting of in recent times?

I’m quite simple with my regime.  I cleanse and moisturise – mask perhaps 3 times per week and sunscreen every morning from my face down to my décolletage. 

Can you give us any hints of when Mia Connor Cosmetics will launch and with what products?

Exciting times!

I am going to say within the next couple of months you will be able to purchase… purchase what you say?! Well, the cat’s out of the bag… Eyeliner, a liquid one at that.  I didn’t want to drop an entire range, but more so cult products one by one that are on brand for me and part of my signature look, not only on my clients but on myself.  I am known for my wing liner and you will often catch me sporting one, so a Liner seemed an obvious product to launch. Watch this space & be sure to follow @miaconnorcosmetics on the gram to stay in the loop!