How a Ring Light Could Illuminate Your Social Media Content

How a Ring Light Could Illuminate Your Social Media Content

Becoming a successful social media figure depends on your ability to deliver quality content to your audience, and in an environment where so many other bloggers and influencers are stepping up their game, how can you make sure your posts don’t get lost in the dark?

With the right knowledge and the best equipment, you could bring something extra to your social media content even on a budget. That means giving dull lighting the cold shoulder and framing your face with a warm glow instead.

You might already know what you want to share, have your setting prepared and have your makeup tools at the ready, but adding a ring light into the mix will bring a new element of professionalism to your videos and other social posts. Here’s why any serious vloggers, beauty bloggers or influencers should buy a ring light and illuminate their stuff!

  1. You can post at any time of the day

Natural light can be great, but it limits the times of day you can post. When you’re back from your day job and ready to spend the evening getting glam, there’s not enough sunlight coming in through the window and the light in the middle of your bedroom can be harsh. Navigating between the best artificial lighting used to be confusing, but you can narrow it down to one ring light that does it all!

  1. You can alter the lighting settings

You’ll be pleased to find lighting that is consistently vibrant, but you can alter the ring light’s settings depending on your project or purpose. Control brightness and temperature in a way that best adapts to your natural environment, for an easy way to deliver professional results to your online community.

Check out the video below put together by the beautiful Amea May, as she unpacks her Etoile Collective ring light and uncovers its amazing features, such as the adjustable lighting settings.

  1. It’s super flattering

You’d be amazed at how much a ring light can flatter your face, giving you a healthy glow, eliminating shadows and achieving that stunning halo catchlight in the eyes. The product is uniquely designed with a hole in the middle to offer lighting that looks flat and so the illumination isn’t concentrated in the middle of the face. That means even your “before” shots will look beautiful!

  1. You can take it just about anywhere

So many YouTubers and influencers have to carry heaps of equipment around with them, but the true beauty of beauty blogging is that you only need one light source. So, if you’re travelling to exotic locations, save your baggage allowance for those hair and makeup products. The ring light is lightweight and portable, and set-up couldn’t be easier… just plug and go!

  1. It can light up everything

Our ring light comes complete with an adjustable head that you can tilt however you want it, making it perfect for flatlays to display whatever products you might want to showcase. Its secure phone holding capacity and wireless Bluetooth shutter gives you the edge over other influencers in your space, as it allows you to capture images and videos hands-free!

Enhance your social media content with Etoile Collective’s collection of products for the professional blogger, influencer or beauty enthusiast.