The Makeup Drawer Organisation Hacks You Must Know!

The Makeup Drawer Organisation Hacks You Must Know!

It’s time to stop letting your chaotic makeup drawer stress you out! We know you’re sick and tired of rifling through eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks to find your favourite shade of nude - so why not do something about it?

An organised makeup drawer doesn’t have to be just a dream. Here are some tips and tricks that are sure to make your application so much smoother.

Play around with unexpected containers

The eco-conscious amongst you might be wondering how you can make better use of objects you’d otherwise throw away. At Étoile Collective, our brains are always ticking away thinking of ways to enhance makeup applications (we can’t help it!), so we found some hacks that merge the two.

You can probably think of heaps more containers that would store your cosmetics beautifully, but here are just a few you can start off with:

  • Used candle jars: Once your candles have no burn left in them, clean out their glass containers and re-use them to house eyeshadow, eyeliner and other cute cosmetics that come in a miniature size.
  • Sunglasses cases: Got more plastic sunglass cases than you need? If they’re stacking up, put them to good use in your makeup drawer. Snip off the top half or keep them as closed containers; they’re a great way to store makeup brushes or lipsticks.

Buy custom-fit drawer inserts

Are you in on the secret that just about every makeup artist swears by? If not, listen up, because we’ll share it with you! Furniture such as the MALM table and MICKE desk, available from IKEA, make the perfect base for your cosmetics.

Now, the lesser-known secret is that we’ve created custom-fit makeup organisation kits designed for your MALM and MICKE furniture. Designed to completely fill out the drawers, this is the ultimate way to organise your cosmetics to absolute perfection.

Go check out our video to see how the MALM storage kit works.

Secure the small things along the inside of your drawer

To make the best use of space in your drawer, the idea is to utilise every available surface and corner. The inside of each drawer tends to go unnoticed, but we thought of a couple of hacks that will make your life that bit easier:

  • Attach a strip of magnetic tape along the inside of the drawer. You can use this to secure small, fiddly items such as bobby pins, nail clippers and tweezers. You know how you’re always looking for a safe space for those you found one!
  • Tack some pretty ribbon or lace along the length of the inside, leaving sections of it loose to hold perfume or foundation bottles securely.

Start the task of clearing out your makeup drawers now and you won’t be disappointed when you see the difference it makes! Throw away any makeup that’s expired, broken or you just haven’t used for a while, to make space for your favourite products. Browse our selection of drawer inserts, where you’ll find acrylic storage options for all makeup items that fit in just about every drawer.