This is Cherry Red

This is Cherry Red

What is red to you?

Red is the colour most commonly associated with heat, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy. Red is tied to attraction: visibility, proximity, and extroverts.

Red is the centre of attention. And of course it is, so are you.

For some, Valentine’s is a forever person, for others, it’s a forever makeup case.

🍒 We are so thrilled to introduce our next limited edition range. The shade of a ripe cherry: Cherry Red in the Mini Vanity Case, Vanity Case and Duo Vanity Case.

Stay organised with removable divider inserts, while foldable mirrors allow you to get ready on the go.

Every design piece has been considered, with height, width, and space allowing you to fit all of your favourite products standing upright.

Whoever said it's impossible to find the one, hasn’t heard our case for beauty, in 2024.

Welcome to a new era, a streamlined beauty routine. It’s all yours.

Available 14.02.24. 8am AEDT.

Bold, bright, timeless. Your newest essential.


From our Founder, Michelle: 

After a failed attempt last year, I am so thrilled to be bringing Cherry Red to life in 2024. To me, the romance of red is in the way it brings you confidence. This vibrant hue embodies passion and power in whoever wears it. 

A celebration of love, not just for others, but more importantly for oneself and our individual beauty routines.

As we unveil this limited edition range, I invite you to discover the power of Cherry Red and the way you want to be seen with it. I hope you love it as much as I do.

The launch of Cherry Red also fell in conjunction with a minor brand + social refresh and we wanted this shoot to act as a reset for our Instagram feed. Can you tell?

For this campaign, we took an editorial approach - channeling red stockings, heels, ballet flats and of course, red nails. Shot on two backdrops: red and white.

Here are some of my favourite images: