6 Makeup Vanity Mirror Ideas, and 4 to Add To Cart in 2021

5 Makeup Vanity Mirror Ideas, and 4 to Add To Cart in 2021

Let’s speak some straight facts—When you’re ready to step up your getting ready routine and looking to invest in a feel-good beauty sanctuary, the answer is: a vanity mirror.

But dang! With so many styles, so many options, so many features, how on earth can you make a decision and receive your mirror before the next weekend? So we’re here to spill the best of the best makeup vanity mirror ideas in line with 2021 trends. And because we are the queen (if we can say so ourselves) of beauty room inspiration, we promise we know a thing or two in this space! 

So, let’s start with 5 makeup vanity ideas that’ll pair well with your room and give your beauty routine the functional glow-up it needs.

1. Spice up your room with a touch of Hollywood inspired glamour.

These makeup mirrors feature large bulbs around the frame of the mirror and emulate natural lighting with a bright, cool light. Whilst there are a huge selection of hollywood mirrors, here are some important factors to watch out for:

  • Mirrors that are copper-free. Mirrors that are made with elements of copper will significantly increase the likelihood of oxidation over time, leaving these dark rust-like marks along the edges of the mirror. All Etoile Collective mirrors are made free of copper
  • Warranty - Look for mirrors that cover you for technical faults over time. All Etoile Collective vanity mirrors include a 5 year limited warranty which is the longest offer in Australia
  • Features - Many hollywood mirrors include additional features including bluetooth speakers, magnetic magnifying mirrors, power outlets, USB ports, touch sensor buttons and more!
  • Delivery time - the excitement of having a new mirror may be so overwhelming that you need it ASAP. If you’re located in Melbourne or Sydney’s metropolitan areas, you may qualify for same day delivery if ordered before 2pm AEST.
  • Packaging - this may not strike you as something worth considering when purchasing a mirror, but having it arrive in one piece at your home or studio depends on it. Etoile mirrors are double boxed extremely securely with corner protectors to ensure that your mirror arrives in perfect condition. Also, each mirror includes a pair of white gloves, perfect for avoiding fingerprints and keeping this beauty in pristine condition!
Faux Fur Vanity Chair with Mirror by Etoile CollectiveAdding a Hollywood Mirror to your vanity table is a great way to spice up your space.

2. After a more modern mirror that still produces light? Opt for one with an LED frame!

Some mirrors also have a crystal encased frame to add an extra level of glam to your space. The addition of crystals adds a glamorous touch, without being over the top. Perfect for all those out there who prefer an understated look.

This crystal mirror still produces the same amount of brightness as the exposed bulbs from a lumen perspective - so, if you prefer the more chic look, you won’t have to compromise on functionality.

The lighting on this mirror works well with natural lighting, but don’t fear if your house doesn’t give you this pleasure, this mirror performs just as well without it. In either situation, you will be left with a beautiful natural glow.

Crystal PRO Vanity Mirror by Etoile Collective with LED frameOpting for a vanity mirror with an LED frame for a more modern lighting look.

3. The latest trend taking over Instagram and TikTok? The DIY expanding foam mirror.

If you’re looking for a fun craft project, why not build your own vanity mirror with colours to match your interior! Read about it here.

All you’ll need is some insulating foam from your local hardware store and some acrylic paint in your fave colour (if you want to spice it up a bit).

This is the ultimate mirror if you’re hoping to up your funky selfie game, while sticking to your budget! Plus, when people ask where you got that fun mirror from, you’ll get a kick out of telling them it was a [successful] DIY project.

diy foam mirror tiktok and youtube trendLatest TikTok and YouTube trend: the DIY expanding foam mirror for your bedroom.

4. Is budget not a concern? Here’s a statement mirror that is sure to turn heads.

When illuminated, the neon tubes within the mirror transform the white opaline acrylic shell into a stunning multi-pink display - hello pink selfie moment! Truly iconic with an equally mindblowing price tag (A$16,043) - yikes!

This is not your average mirror, with complexity in its structure that it even wears a warning sign, as it may be “perceived slightly differently, depending on the light, the type of picture, or the background and the surrounding environment”.

This mirror goes against the grain of most interior design styles in every way and we are here for it! It arches, curves, is shaped, neon, and has colour that will brighten your home and your mind - the ultimate cheer-me-up piece of art, with the functional element of being a mirror.

This one may be a ‘pop me on your vision board for the year 2030 and manifest it into your dream home’, but that doesn’t mean we won’t obsess over this ‘till then!

vanity mirror with neon tubes that illuminateMirrors with neon tubes that create a stunning multi-pink display.

5. Create a super luxurious and high-end feel by wall mounting your vanity mirror. you won regret it.

By wall mounting your mirror, this will transform your space, by making it appear bigger and less cluttered than before. By removing the mirror’s base, this simple change will really elevate the room and make it feel extra-luxe.

Both our Crystal Mirrors and Hollywood Mirrors come with a wall mounting kit and instructions to match on how to do so, making this much easier than it looks to set up!


mounting a makeup vanity mirror on the wallMounting your vanity mirrors on the wall can create a luxurious and high-end feel.

6. Adding to our collection of must-have full length mirrors, we have the Crystal Full Length Vanity Mirror.

While it may not be bright pink or DIY-able, it delivers in every other way possible.

If you’re after a statement piece to add to your home or studio, this is it. Perfect for showing off your OOTD, charging your phone, plugging in your hair dryer, with the added feature of being dimmable to set the mood - what doesn’t it do? 

And finally! The add-to-carty-party! Here are our 4 must-have add-to-cart mirrors:

  1. Hollywood Classic XL Vanity Mirror
  2. Crystal Slimline Vanity Mirror with Feature Pack
  3. Hollywood Full-Length Vanity Mirror
  4. Crystal PRO Vanity Mirror Tall

This list has something for everyone, or, for every room of your home. If you’re not sure which vanity mirror is for you, or will suit your needs, check out the compare feature on the Etoile website to get clarification on attributes and details that are specific to YOU! 

So, what are you waiting for? This is your sign to spice up your space with our top vanity mirror ideas and top products!