WFH? Same.

WFH? Same.

Here's our setup with the IlluminateMe 18” Ring Light and let me tell you, we were by far the most radiant ones at our 9am Zoom meeting 💁 This little ray of light can be propped on a desk or table using the weighted table base and gooseneck attachment.

Or, if WFH to you means that you’re pursuing your Youtube career, or practising your makeup looks, then this beauty may be better suited sitting pretty on the adjustable tripod with your phone attached and ready to hit record. Get it, girl.

But. When you're done slaying the Zoom meetings and after you become a Youtube sensation, here are some ideas to keep you busy, if you want to keep busy.

This is a difficult time for everyone and our days in self-isolation can feel very repetitive and mundane (but so important), so we’ve come up with 9 ideas to keep busy during this period ❤️ 

 1. Becoming a cooking QUEEN 

NOW is the time to perfect your cooking skills (or get some in the first place). We’ve been loving Buzzfeed videos, their simple formats make them fool-proof!

2. Watch movies with your friends (virtually… because social distancing!)

Watch movies and shows at the same time as your besties using Netflix Party! If you pause the film, your friends screens will pause too. It even has a group chat... and it's free!

 3. Become Tik Tok famous

Youtube is your new best friend if you’re going to learn all the dances that are trending on Tik Tok this week. Stay tuned for when Etoile breaks into the Tik Tok world...

 4. Workout with your friends (virtually...obviously)

FaceTime your besties and simultaneously attempt a FIVE MINUTE squat challenge… yep FIVE! See who crumbles first.

5. Schedule after work(FH) drinks with your friends

If you’re not on the House Party app, it’s time to download and schedule some virtual meetups with your besties. It’s just like being at your fave bar without the overpriced espresso martinis (kinda) 🍸

 6. Show yourself some self-love! You deserve it.

Moisturise your whole body! Put a face mask on! An eye mask! A hair mask! A bum mask! File your nails and put some polish on them! Have a bath, with epsom salts! 

Do it all, and more.

7. Do a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dreaming of NYC? Urgh, us too. 

Let the Met come to you with an inside tour of this wonderful museum using the The Met 360° Project. This award winning mini series lets you do a virtual tour, and allows you to explore the iconic spaces with their spherical 360° technology!

8. Learn a language

Have you always wanted to learn a language, or you want to brush up on the language you learnt in highschool but never had the time? Duolingo is the (free 🎉) app for you!

9. Do nothing

If you feel like doing nothing and taking a nap, that is completely okay too. Do you, girl.