Your Bible to Etoile Collective's Vanity Mirror Range

Your Bible to Etoile Collective's Vanity Mirror Range

How on earth has our vanity mirror range grown to 12 styles? That would leave us scratching our heads too. 

So. If browsing our makeup mirrors has left you like this, then this bible is for you.

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 What's most important to you?

1. Size? Are you restricted by size in that a vanity mirror must be less than 1m long? If so, head to section A below.

2. Style? If you're 100% wedded to the bulb look, head to section B below.

3. Features? If all you have ever dreamed of is a vanity mirror with power ports, head to section C below.

Section A - Filter by Size

Our vanity mirrors are available in 6 sizes. Narrow your choice down by eliminating what won't fit in your space. 

i. Portrait: 2 sizes (60 x 80cm and 65 x 85cm)

60 x 80cm: 

Our Hollywood SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror Tall is available with or without a feature pack that includes 2x USB ports and Bluetooth speakers.

Hollywood SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror Tall

65 x 85cm:

Our Crystal PRO Vanity Mirror Tall will keep you connected with its oh-so-many features. Think power ports, USB ports, tri-tone temperatures and in-built speakers. 

ii. Landscape: 3 sizes (80 x 60cm, 85 x 65cm and 110 x 80cm)

80 x 60cm

Our Hollywood SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror is available with or without a feature pack that includes 2x USB ports and Bluetooth speakers.

85 x 65cm

Our Crystal PRO Vanity Mirror is a no-brainer. Encased in a beautiful crystal LED frame, this is Australia's brightest crystal mirror.

110 x 80cm

Our largest panorama serves as a statement piece in your home or salon. Here, we have 4 options. Our Hollywood SLIMLINE XL range (with or without feature pack), our Hollywood PRO XL or Hollywood Classic XL mirror.

Hollywood SLIMLINE XL with or without feature pack

Hollywood PRO XL

Hollywood Classic XL

To help you narrow down your choice between these 4 XL models, we suggest thinking about:

  • Aesthetic (the SLIMLINE and PRO XL are frameless whereas the Classic XL has a white border / the SLIMLINE range is Australia's slimmest vanity mirrors with a fine 3cm edge / the PRO XL includes larger 80mm bulbs whereas the other 2 have 60mm)
  • Features (SLIMLINE comes with either nothing or with USB ports and in-built Bluetooth speakers. Our PRO XL is the grandest of them all and includes almost everything. And our Classic XL includes USB and power ports)
  • Price (SLIMLINE ranges from $580 to $650, PRO XL is $750 and Classic XL is $480)

iii. Full length: 1 size (65 x 160cm)

If you're after a full-length piece, this one's easy! Are you after the Hollywood bulb look or the modern crystal LED frame? 

Hollywood Full-Length Vanity Mirror

Crystal Full-Length Vanity Mirror


Section B - Filter by Style

Can't get that old-school Hollywood bulb look out of your head? Or are you after a modern LED vanity mirror?

Chosen a style? Yay! You're one step closer to finding your perfect vanity mirror.

Next, we would recommend filtering by size or features. Head up to Section A if you know you want our biggest size or are wedded to a portrait one. OR head down to Section C if you desperately want one with in-built speakers. 

Don't worry, you're almost there.

Section C - Filter by Features

Our vanity mirrors come with a range of features: USB ports, Power ports, Tri-tone temperature (cool/warm/neutral), XL Bulbs, Magnetic magnifying mirror and in-built Bluetooth speakers. 

Whilst every combination isn't available (heck, we would need A LOT more mirrors for that), here are the combinations that we do have:

  • No additional features - Just a reliable bright light
  • Power port + USB port
  • USB Port + Bluetooth Speakers
  • Power port + USB port + Bluetooth Speakers + Tri-Tone Temperature
  • Power port + USB port + Bluetooth Speakers + Magnetic Magnifying Mirror + XL Bulbs

No additional features - Just a reliable bright light

SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror

SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror Tall

SLIMLINE XL Vanity Mirror

Power port + USB port

Crystal Full-Length Vanity Mirror


Hollywood Full-Length Vanity Mirror

Hollywood Classic XL Vanity Mirror

USB Port + Bluetooth Speakers

SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror with Feature Pack

SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror Tall with Feature Pack

SLIMLINE XL Vanity Mirror with Feature Pack

Power port + USB port + Bluetooth Speakers + Tri-Tone Temperature

Crystal PRO Vanity Mirror

Cystal PRO Vanity Mirror Tall

Power port + USB port + Bluetooth Speakers + Magnetic Magnifying Mirror + XL Bulbs

Hollywood PRO XL Vanity Mirror

Have you found The One yet?

We hope so.

If you haven't and have additional burning questions, please live chat or email us at 

Other FAQs that you should give a faq about.

1. Warranty?

Of course. Our Hollywood Mirror Classic XL Vanity Mirror includes a 1-year limited warranty. All other models have an extended 3-year limited warranty. And yes, this includes bulbs too.

2. What if my mirror breaks during transit?

We'd never leave you out to dry. If anything comes broken, damaged, not working as expected, we'll get a replacement to you and also take on all shipping costs involved. DW though, we invest in thick cardboard packaging, high quality and environmentally friend EPE foam and steel corner protectors to prevent anything from happening in the first place.

3. Where has the Crystal Classic Vanity Mirror gone?

Discontinued. Whilst this piece was beautiful, our customer's feedback has deemed this light insufficient for makeup application when it was the only light available. Watch this space. 

4. Am I getting #THEREALDEAL with you guys?

There's only one way to find out. But we'll tell you this: we have and never will cut corners on quality in order to bring you cheap, low-cost mirrors. We appreciate that these are electrical goods and have invested in the highest quality raw materials so that they last. 

You've heard our mantra? Made with love, designed with precision and built to last. No, it's not just a marketing slogan. We really really mean it.

This means the face of our mirrors are more resistant to any chemicals it can come in contact with and less likely to cause rust / black marks on the edges due to oxidisation. 

This means that we have included the correct-voltage drivers within all our mirrors so that they are not overpowering when in use. 

Yes, this means you're getting The Real Deal. ✌️

Lots of love always,

Michelle | Founder & CEO