17 Best Makeup Organizers, Tested and Reviewed in 2024

17 Best Makeup Organizers, Tested and Reviewed in 2024

This article was first published in Cosmopolitan on Jan. 27, 2023

The moment I upgraded my makeup storage from a beat-up, worn-out cosmetic bag to an acrylic makeup organizer, my life forever changed. Hey, no shade to my cosmetic bag, it lasted me a few good years, but wow, was it in need of retirement. Now when I do my makeup or skincare routine, I know where every product lives. My favorite gel eyeliners that I can never find? Check. Lip glosses I forgot I had? Yup. Every single one of my way too many tubs of moisturizer? Absolutely.

Seriously, these new makeup organizers make me wonder how I ever lived without them. They help keep my collection organized, make sure that every product is in the right place, and look really damn good on my makeup vanity too. And because I'm a beauty editor with an ever-expanding makeup and skincare collection, I personally tested each of these makeup organizers myself and rounded up the best. Here's a list of my top favorites:

Best Rotating Makeup Organizer

Etoile Collective Skincare Holder

If you want to get a little fancy with your makeup organizer, look no further than this rotating tower. It not only spins, which is way cool, but it’s also a great use of space and gives you access to your makeup from all sides. Plus, the tiers have a great distance between them, which is perfect for fitting all your different-sized products. This is one of my absolute favorite makeup organizers, truly because the quality of Etoile is unmatched, and I'll know it'll last me forever.

THE REVIEW: "I love, love, love this organizer!" one reviewer notes. "I can honestly say it's made a huge difference to our bathroom. Having this organizer has meant there aren't a million things crowded by the sink and everything is easy to store and find—especially with the lazy susan feature."