Finally—A Step-By-Step Guide to Packing All Your Skincare in a Carry-On

Finally—A Step-By-Step Guide to Packing All Your Skincare in a Carry-On

This article was first published in Camille Styles on May. 22, 2024

I love to claim the term “minimalist” despite all evidence to the contrary. I call my interior design style warm California minimalism, but that just means my furniture is mostly white and beige. The piles of books, excessive tchotchkes, and disco ball don’t exactly scream pared down. My closet is the same—a far cry from the idealized capsule wardrobe I have in my head. Still, none of this compares to my hoard of beauty products. As an editor who’s always on a plane to somewhere, it was high time I learned how to pack skincare efficiently. And today, I’m sharing my secrets with you.

How you pack matters as much as what you pack

Here’s my hot take: I don’t love the travel-sized bottles you can transfer your own products into. It’s always a messy process that ends up in an unfortunate spill. So, I make sure to choose travel-sized products that close tightly and fit neatly into a makeup bag.

Choose the right bag(s). I use a clear bag for gels and oils and a mesh bag with more give for everything else. These keep your clothes safe in case of any leaks. If you have a little more room in your carry-on, I have traveled with a vanity bag that includes a mirror and pockets for flat things like my contacts and hydrogel masks.

Keep that skincare on you. If you’re following the 3-bag rule, you’ll have a carry-on, a tote, and a small purse or fanny pack that fits inside. I keep my skincare in the tote, so it’s accessible and easy to take out at TSA if necessary. It’s also within reach if I need to do any in-flight skincare.

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