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The Last Makeup Mirror You Will Ever Need

We're bringing back glamour and sophistication with the ultimate mirrors for the modern beauty enthusiast. Soften and illuminate your personal space with our upgraded twist on the classic Hollywood makeup mirror. On the go? Our two-tone, adjustable, travel magnetic mirror is the perfect companion for the Glowtrotter.

Forget about cheap, unflattering makeup mirrors and invest in quality lighting to add glamour and sophistication to your beauty routine.

Looking for some suggestions? The Hollywood SLIMLINE Vanity Mirror with Feature Pack is dimmable and comes with a speaker and USB ports.

For those with narrower walls or dresser tops, we have the arched makeup mirror and the tall makeup mirror. They make even tight and cosy bedrooms feel like a lavish boudoir.

The wandering Glowtrotter can easily set up a makeup station on a travel desk, flight tray, or restroom countertop with the GLWTRTTR Portable mirror. Framed and backed with an aluminium champagne gold finish, it gracefully slips into a purse, tote, or carry-on, ready to help you look good wherever you go.

Professional Quality Mirrors Wherever You Go

Our Hollywood Vanity Mirrors emit quality 6500K cool-tone, dimmable light framed with aluminium in a polished white gloss finish. They work in a variety of spaces thanks to our wall mount kit or base stand.

Our bright GLWTRTTR Portable Mirrors use 2,835 LEDs to provide two temperatures: warm (2700K) and cool (6500K). Its built-in 200mA rechargeable battery can last up to 5 hours at maximum brightness. Available in medium and large, it also comes with a drawstring bag for protection on-the-go.

The two-tone adjustable LED travel mirror has a fully magnetic surface to mount your favourite magnetic phone holder or magnifying mirror, helping keep your workspace organised and flexible. Its stand is made from aluminium with a black rubber coating on the bottom to ensure it stays where you put it.

Mirror Sizes and Styles

All ÉTOILE pieces are made to last – our copper-free mirrors won’t rust over time while maintaining a steadfast, unblemished finish. Backed by a 5-year warranty, we ensure our mirrors reflect the best you in an array of styles, shapes, and sizes. Choose between bulbs or an LED look that are easily adjusted and switched off with an upgraded touch switch. When not in use, our mirrors don’t emit residual light that could interfere with your beauty sleep.

In the realm of makeup lighting, the spectrum of options varies according to budget and space. Affordable stick-on bulbs offer a basic solution but may provide harsh and suboptimal lighting for makeup application. For individuals constrained by space, such as those in compact New York-style apartments, a popular choice is the GLWTRTTR mirror, a bright, portable, and collapsible LED makeup mirror that conveniently transitions a work-from-home desk into a beauty space. On the other end, those desiring a luxurious, Emma Chamberlain-esque makeup area might opt for a Hollywood-style makeup mirror with lights, ensuring optimal, elegant illumination even in dark settings. Thus, while lighting options abound, considerations of budget, space, and aesthetic preferences dictate the ultimate selection.

Our mirrors are copper-free. Copper is a material used in the production of various mirrors that can lead to a higher probability of ‘rusting’ over time. This can happen along the edges, creating unsightly discolouration and disrupting an even reflection. Worse? The deterioration usually can’t be fixed and can only be cut off by a glass professional.

Updated mirror touch switch: Touch sensors are notorious for never turning “off,” continuing to emit a blue ring around their edges. The extra light disrupts the ambiance of a space and can be a nuisance at night. That’s why our mirrors feature an updated touch switch that emits zero light when off, ensuring our product won’t be responsible for ruining your beauty sleep.

Warranty & transit insurance: Your new lighted mirror should be an investment piece that you can use for years to come without fear that something might break down or, even worse, be damaged in transit. This is why all ÉTOILE mirrors include comprehensive transit insurance and a 5-year limited warranty.

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