Hi! And welcome!

Hi, I’m Michelle, founder of ÉTOILE. We’ve been creating beauty accessories since 2016. I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of beauty and how it made me feel.

The transformation process;

The ritual in routine;

That self care means putting myself first;

And the connection I found in community.

The feelings you get when you’re getting ready, whether it’s calm or chaos, that is your beauty routine: it’s intimate, a little vulnerable, super transformative, and always personal.

Some of my most joyful memories are from the floor of my bedroom - deeply enamoured by how makeup could transform not just my look but my entire mood.

Over time, I built an army of products in my routine. But I was always frustrated by the disorganisation, and wanted to bring some calm to the chaos that was my beauty bag, bathroom counter, and drawers.

And this is why I created ÉTOILE, as a case for beauty - functional and fashionable.

Almost a decade into the business, I’m still obsessed with the idea of how the objects around our beauty routine can influence our mood.

For the beauty enthusiast, creator, and professional.

This is ÉTOILE. Join us.

Michelle Hu
CEO + Founder